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1. Dedicated support

We’re famous for our quality, friendly support. Read all about it on our support page.

2. Simple pricing

All of our products come with a single price tag. That means you get the full range of features at a bargain price, without having to worry about what you’re missing.

3. No “developer tax”

We don’t think that people should pay extra just for using a theme on more than one project. That’s why professional web developers pay the same price as everyone else. Want to use one of our pro themes on several client sites? Go ahead — without paying more.

4. Pay quickly and safely with PayPal

We use PayPal for all transactions — it’s fast, safe, and you don’t have to share your card details with us. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still check out. Receipts are sent electronically by email.

5. Instant, automated downloads

Provided you pay with a credit card, debit card, or using your PayPal balance, your files will be sent electronically as soon as you check out. (If you pay using bank transfer, transactions clear within 7-10 days.)

6. Free updates and bug fixes

We keep our code up to date. All updates for major bug fixes are sent by email, complete with details about whether or not they affect you and how to apply them if they do.

7. Community-driven

We believe in giving back to the WordPress community. It’s the reason why we’re busy building one of the best sources of free WordPress tutorials on the web.

8. Valid code

Valid code isn’t something you should pay extra for. All of our templates use valid code out of the box. That means better accessibility, safer cross-browser support, and happier visitors for you.

9. Generous affiliate offer

We pay 40% of our theme price to kind people who spread the word about our themes using an affiliate link. Just linking to our site in this way means that you’ll make money on any purchases your visitors go on to buy from us; you don’t even have to promote a specific theme! Sign up for our affiliate offer to get started.

10. Need extra help? We’re here for you

Need help with your site tweaks or want a custom colour scheme? We offer a full service — not just theme design — and will be happy to help make your site shine. Get a free estimate here.

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