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Ice Cream Dream Guide

This guide is for our Ice Cream Dream theme. A live version can be found here.

1.0 Installing the theme

1.1 Checklist

To install the Ice Cream Dream theme, you’ll need the following:

  1. A web hosting account with the latest version of WordPress
  2. An FTP application to upload your files
  3. The zip file we send when you purchase the theme.

If you need help installing WordPress, detailed instructions are here. If you get really stuck, head to our support pages and we’ll do our very best to help.

1.2 Uploading the theme

Unzip the “ice-cream-dream.zip” file we sent when you, and upload the “ice-cream-dream” folder to the /wp-content/themes/ directory using your FTP application.

1.3 Activating the theme

To activate the theme, log in to WordPress, click the “Appearance” tab (“Design” tab in WordPress 2.6 or lower), followed by the “Ice Cream Dream” icon.

In WordPress 2.5 or below, the theme is now active. In WordPress 2.6 or higher, you’ll first see a preview of the theme. Click “Activate Ice Cream Dream” in the top right corner to make the theme live.

2.0 Ice Cream Dream options

With the theme installed and activated, you’re ready to customise it using the theme options. You can get to the Ice Cream Dream theme options page in two ways:

Method 1: Browse to your homepage and click the “set theme options” button.

Enter your WordPress login details if prompted and you’ll jump straight to the theme options screen.

Method 2: Login to WordPress and click the “Design” tab, followed by “Ice Cream Dream Options”:


Once you’re there, the following settings are available to you:

2.1 Picking a colour scheme

To change your colour settings, pick a colour from the drop down list, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Save changes”.

Return to your homepage to see the updated theme.

If you’re a designer or dabbler who wants to create a custom colour scheme, see section 5.0 below.

2.2 Setting a tagline and call to action

The header tagline, call to action button text, and call to action button link are all customisable from the Ice Cream Dream Options page:

Simply type your tagline, call to action text, and link URL (which must begin “http://”), and click the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the options page.

2.3 Hiding page tabs

Ice Cream Dream displays all of your pages as tabs along the top of the heading by default. To hide certain pages so that they don’t appear there, just follow these steps:

Step 1) Find the post ID of the page you want to hide. (Edit the page in question, then look for the “post=12” section in your browser’s address bar. That number after the equals sign is your post ID.)

Step 2) Go back to the Ice Cream Dream Options and type the post ID of the page you want to hide into the “hide these pages” box. If you want to hide several pages, separate the numbers with commas:

Step 3) Click the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the page.

2.4 Changing the header and logo

The default logo and notepad with pencil images should be replaced with your own. We recommend you create your graphics in your favourite image editor at these sizes:

Logo: 300px wide x 50px high (approximate only — variation is fine)

Banner image: 580px wide x 190px high (width can be less, but height should be fixed)

If you’d like to adapt our notepad and pencil image, you can download the Photoshop or Fireworks files in section 5.0 below.

Once you’ve created your graphics, it’s easy to upload them in the Ice Cream Dream options page. Just follow these steps:

Step 1) On the options page, under ‘Header Images’ click ‘Add logo’ or ‘Add header’:

Step 2) Choose and upload the image file from your computer. When the image has finished uploading, you should see a preview of it on the Ice Cream Dream options page.

Step 3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Save changes” button, then go to your homepage to see the updated changes.

Tips and troubleshooting: If you don’t see the ‘add header’ or ‘add logo’ buttons, make sure you’ve got Flash installed and that you’re not browsing with Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

2.5 Customising homepage posts

Ice Cream Dream lets you customise how many posts are displayed on your front page (the default is 3), and which category is shown (the default is all categories). To set these options, edit the “Homepage Settings” in the theme options:

To find the category ID for the “show posts from category #” field, follow these steps:

Step 1) Click the “Manage” tab in the WordPress admin, followed by the “Categories” link.

Step 2) Click the category name you’d like to feature on your front page and look for the “cat_ID=25” text in your browser’s address bar. The number after the equals sign is your category number.

Step 3) Return to the Ice Cream Dream Options and fill in the “show posts from category #” field.

Don’t forget to scroll down and click “Save changes” when you’re done.

2.6 Configuring your FeedBurner links

FeedBurner is a free service from Google that lets you measure your subscribers and learn more about your site’s visitors.

You can set up the Ice Cream Dream theme to use FeedBurner by pasting the full FeedBurner URL and Email subscribe links in your theme options and clicking the “Save changes” button.

Both fields should begin “http://”. If you don’t want to use FeedBurner, it’s no problem — you can leave these fields blank. Ice Cream Dream just uses the default WordPress feed instead.

3.0 Homepage thumbnails and excerpts

Ice Cream Dream automagically pulls your latest posts onto the front page. (You can override the default number of posts and the category it uses in section 2.5 above.) To learn how to add the post thumbnails and excerpts, read on!

3.1 Adding thumbnails to your homepage posts

To add pictures on the homepage next to the posts you write, follow these steps:

Step 1) In the WordPress admin area, create a new post or edit the post you’d like to add a featured image to.

Step 2) Scroll down to the section labelled, ‘Featured Image’. If you’ve not rearranged the post editor, you’ll find this section at the bottom of the right-side column. When you’ve found it, click ‘Set featured image’:

Step 3) In the image uploader that pops up, choose a file from your computer. You don’t have to worry about resizing or cropping it — WordPress will do that for you.

Step 4) When the image has finished uploading, click ‘Use as featured image’.

Step 5) Save or publish your post in the post editor. That’s it! Return to the post or homepage to see your featured image alongside the post title.

3.2 Custom post excerpts

By default, WordPress uses the first 55 words of your post for the excerpt text. If you’d like to override this setting, you have two options:

a) Write your own post summary in the “Excerpt” field near the bottom of the page in the WordPress post editor.

b) Install the Advanced Excerpt plugin by Bas van Doren to change the default excerpt length and other options.

4.0 Sidebar, footer, and category page customisation

4.1 Customising the footer

The three-column Ice Cream Dream footer is fully customisable using WordPress widgets. Use it for your Twitter status, Flickr photos, ads, products, calls to action, recent comments and posts, or just about anything you can think of!

To customise the footer, just click the “Edit the (left) widget” text in the footer area that’s present when you first install the theme:

For help with the WordPress widget interface, see this video guide.

4.2 Customising the sidebar

The sidebar that’s featured on the right of all subpages in Ice Cream Dream also uses WordPress widgets. To edit it, just click “Edit the sidebar”.

4.3 Adding a Category Page

The latest version of Ice Cream Dream lets you add pages that just show posts from the categories you choose. Use this feature to create a blog page or a category page, which will show up among the tabs in your header area. Here’s how to make it happen:

categorypageStep 1) Create a new page in WordPress and choose “Category Page” from the Template drop down to the right of your post content area.

Step 2) In the area below your post content, add a custom field named “category” and put the category number of the category you’d like to display on this page. (If you don’t see the “Custom Fields” box like the one in our screenshot below, activate it by clicking the “Screen Options” tab at the top right of the page, then checking “Custom Fields”.) To find the category number, open a new tab or browser window, navigate to your WordPress admin area, and follow these steps:

1) Click the “Manage” tab in the WordPress admin, followed by the “Categories” link.

2) Click the category name you’d like to feature on your front page and look for the “cat_ID=25″ text in your browser’s address bar. The number after the equals sign is your category number.

Step 3) At this point you can save or publish your page. There are two additional options available that you can add using custom fields: setting ‘pagetitle’ to false will hide the page title and content and only show your list of posts; setting ‘postcount’ will control the number of posts that are displayed:

5.0 Creating a custom colour scheme

In addition to the 5 “flavours” or colour options that come with Ice Cream Dream, we’ve included a sixth option called “custom”.

This custom setting is intended to help designers and web developers create custom colour versions of our theme with minimum tweaks to the underlying code, and without affecting the user-specified logo and banner graphics.

To start customising, follow these steps:

5.1 Download the template files

We’ve created a set of custom images for you to recolour. They’re already sized at the required dimensions, so no complex slicing is required!

Download the Photoshop and Fireworks files here.

5.2 Edit and upload the images

Edit the images you’ve downloaded and save them in a web-optimised PNG format. You’ll also need to create some corners for the call to action button, which you can do automatically using a service such as RoundedCornr. (We used a corner radius of 15.)

Once they’re saved, upload all your images to the /wp-content/themes/ice-cream-dream/flavours/custom/ folder, overwriting any existing files. (You shouldn’t have changed the name of the files from the ones provided in the template you downloaded.)

5.3 Edit the CSS

In addition to editing the images, you’ll need to make some changes to the stylesheet found at /wp-content/themes/ice-cream-dream/flavours/custom.css

We recommend that you use a visual CSS editor to make this easy, such as Panic’s excellent Coda.

5.4 Switch to your custom theme

With your images and CSS edits done, all that remains is to switch your new custom Ice Cream Dream flavour on. Go to the Ice Cream Dream Options page, select “custom” and scroll down to click “Save changes”.

Go to your homepage to see the results. Mmm — delicious!

6.0 Further help and support

6.1 Where to get help

If you’ve been through the guide and need more help, feel free to
ask us a question on our support page.

If you’ve read the guide and exhausted our support pages too, our email address is help@wordprezzie.com

6.2 Our design and customisation service

We offer a full WordPress setup, design, and customisation service. Whether you need some quick tweaks, want us to customise a theme with your logo and colours, or fancy a full unique design to call your own, we’ll be happy to help.

Get a free estimate today on our hire us page.


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