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Changing Room

Free download

You get changed. We promise not to peek.

We’re proud to announce the release of our first free WordPress theme, Changing Room.

The theme displays a friendly holding page to let visitors know that you’re busy getting dressed up. It also gives them the chance to subscribe to your feed before you’ve launched. Changing Room features:

  • Colour switcher (choose between red or blue)
  • Customisable “please excuse us” text.
  • FeedBurner RSS and Email support
  • Fully valid code (would you expect anything less?)

Wave goodbye to “coming soon” text on a boring white background. Download Changing Room today for free and get dressed in style.

Support Wordprezzie

Our Changing Room theme is free — we don’t even include a nasty link to our site in the page footer.

If you like the theme, please consider supporting our hard work by writing about us on your blog or site, or purchasing one of our growing number of pro themes. Thanks! We really appreciate it.

A note about the illustration

The positively pedantic among you will notice that the sign illustration we use in this theme came from a collection of icons on iStockPhoto.com

Don’t worry – we paid the big fat tax for unlimited electronic distribution so that you don’t have to buy the image to use it. (We’re lovely like that.)

Go forth and get changed! A quick installation and settings guide follows.

Free download

Changing Room Theme Guide

This quick guide should tell you everything you need to know. If you’re stuck, head over to our support page for help. 

1.0 Installing the theme

1.1 Checklist

To install the Changing Room theme, you’ll need the following:

  1. A web hosting account with the latest version of WordPress
  2. An FTP application to upload your files
  3. The zip file containing the Changing Room theme files.

If you need help installing WordPress, detailed instructions are here. 

1.2 Uploading the theme

Unzip the “changing-room.zip” file we sent when you, and upload the “changing-room” folder to the /wp-content/themes/ directory using your FTP application.

1.3 Activating the theme

To activate the theme, log in to WordPress, click the “Design” tab, followed by the “Changing Room” icon.

In WordPress 2.5 or below, the theme is now active. In WordPress 2.6 or higher, you’ll see a preview of the theme first. Click “Activate Changing Room” in the top right corner to make the theme live.

2.0 Choosing your colours

Changing Room comes with a choice of two simple colour schemes — red or blue. To switch between them, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the WordPress admin 
  2. Click the “Design” tab, followed by the “Changing Room Options” link.
  3. Where it says “Choose a colour”, select red or blue from the drop down.
  4. Scroll down and click “Save changes” near the bottom of the page. 

3.0 Customising your message

All of our themes include easy-to-use options that let you customise your site with little to no programming knowledge.

Changing Room lets you edit the header text, title, and body copy on the page, as circled in the image below:

The “Changing Room WordPress Theme” text comes from your blog title. To change it, log in to your WordPress admin, click the “Settings” tab and change your “Blog Title” text. Remember to scroll down and click “Save Changes” when you’re done. 

The “Please excuse us…” and “While you’re waiting…” text can be edited in the theme options. Click the “Design” tab, followed by the “Changing Room Options” text. Edit the “Heading Text” and “Body Text” fields, before scrolling down to click “Save changes”.

4.0 Adding FeedBurner links

Changing Room lets you add your FeedBurner links and invite visitors to subscribe by RSS or email. This step is optional: if you don’t use FeedBurner, Changing Room simply uses your default feed and hides the Email feed option.

4.1 Where to find your FeedBurner URLs

You can find your RSS URL by logging in to FeedBurner, clicking “My Feeds”, clicking the name of your site, then clicking “Edit feed details” and looking for the “Feed Address” box.

To find your email URL, log in to FeedBurner, click “My Feeds”, click the name of your site, then click the “Publicize” tab followed by the “Email Subscriptions” heading on the left. You’ll see a “subscription management” page containing code with a “feedID” link which looks like this one:


This is the link you’ll use for the “FeedBurner Email URL” in step 4.2.

4.2 Adding your FeedBurner URLs

To add your FeedBurner links click the “Design” tab on the WordPress admin page, followed by the “Changing Room Options” link. Then add your full FeedBurner URLs to the “Feed Settings” boxes before clicking “Save changes”.

Make sure that both URLs begin with “http://”


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